Mutter Museum
19 S 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Oct. 24, 2016
6:30 pm.

Book Revue
313 New York Ave
Huntington, NY 11743
Oct. 28, 2015
7:00 pm.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
230 Main Street, City Center
White Plains, NY 10601
Oct. 29, 2015.
7:00 pm.

Paranormal Books
627 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712
Nov. 7, 2015.

Coast to Coast Am with George Noory

Aug. 25, 2015
3:00am-5:00am ET.
Recap available here.

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir
An Illustrated Lecture with Marc Hartzman

Morbid Anatomy Museum
424 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Aug. 17, 2015
8:00 pm
$8 (Purchase tickets here)

Copies of the book will be on sale at this event.

Oliver Cromwell led the charge in the beheading of England’s King Charles I in 1649. But little did he know that his own head would soon roll. And roll and rollfor the next three hundred years across the Commonwealth. The execution of Charles I ended the monarchy, and Cromwell became the Lord Protector of England until his own death from natural causes in 1658. His body was embalmed and buried in Westminster Abbey, only to be exhumed by King Charles II three years later. The new king had restored the monarchy and wished to avenge his father’s death by hanging Cromwell and beheading him posthumously.

Now, for the first time, the memoirs of Oliver Cromwell’s embalmed head have surfaced, making it the first account of any world leaderor any human being for that matterchronicling the afterlife.

The adventures began with Cromwell’s decapitation and the head’s impalement on a post at Westminster Hall, where it stayed for more than twenty years before being freed by a heavy storm. Over the centuries, the head enjoyed a series of unexpected adventures, encountering a host of bizarre and well-known charactersfrom its many owners, curious anatomists and misled but obsessed phrenologists to other preserved decapitated heads and impostor Cromwell heads.

Hartzman will take questions from the audience and do his best to answer for Cromwell’s head. In addition, Brooklyn artist Vi Luong will be signing copies of the book and limited edition posters of the cover.

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