The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir

By Marc Hartzman, © 2015
Hardcover: $27.95
Paperback: $17.95 
Kindle: $5.99

The memoir of Oliver Cromwell’s embalmed head recounts its journey through the centuries, beginning with its decapitation after Charles II restored the monarchy in 1660 and the head’s impalement on a post at Westminster Hall, where it stayed for more than twenty years before being freed by a heavy storm. Over the centuries, the head enjoyed a series of unexpected adventures, encountering a host of bizarre and well-known characters—from its many owners, curious anatomists and misled but obsessed phrenologists to other preserved decapitated heads and impostor Cromwell heads.

Cover illustration by Vi Luong.

Very limited quantities of the Limited Edition (below) are available (only 50 made, signed and numbered). Embossed cover and exclusive endpapers. Email for availability.

The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell is an exceptionally well-researched and thoughtful look at an influential figure in history and how he might’ve reacted to the many events that followed his rise and fall. The idea that Cromwell’s spirit continued to observe the world through the eyes of his severed head is a fascinating one, and it provided a storytelling perspective quite unlike anything I’d read before. …

[It] is historical fiction done with grace, style, and ingenuity. (I haven’t even mentioned the absolutely stunning cover.) What an unexpected treat.”

San Francisco Book Review