The Sight of Hell

the sight of hell

The Sight of Hell (originally published in 1874)
By Rev. John Furniss 
Sept. 15, 2020

ISBN-13: 9780986239397
58 pages

The Sight of Hell was written “for children and young persons” by the Reverend John Furniss in 1861, however this reprint is from an 1874 publication. The images of Hell within these pages have all been added-Furniss’s original booklet left everything to his readers’ imaginations.

In 1914, The Month described the reverend as “a pious and devoted priest on the English mission, noted for his zeal in promoting religious education.” Read any sentence this pious man wrote and you may find that more severe terms would be better suited in characterizing him. Watch your language though-you wouldn’t want to find yourself burning in the middle of the earth until the red-hot fiery heat goes into your brain and melts it.

Before you journey into the depths of Hell that reside between these covers, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a few short reviews of Furniss’s work. They’re exclusive to this edition.

Happy reading. And please, remember not to sin, or a devil may be striking you “every minute for ever and ever, without ever stopping.”

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