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The Talking Dead: A Collection of Messages from Beyond the Veil, 1850s-1920s
Edited by Marc Hartzman

October 1, 2020 / Paperback / $14.99
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ISBN-13: 9780986239380

During the height of Spiritualism, mediums were delivering all kinds of messages from the dead, including from some of world’s greatest luminaries. Hear all about the afterlife, straight from Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and other spirits living it up in death.

Psycho-Phone Messages

Psycho-Phone Messages
Recorded by Francis Grierson
Aug. 4, 2020 / Paperback / $11.95

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ISBN 13: 9780986239373

Psycho-Phone Messages was originally published in 1921 by Francis Grierson, a mystic, musician, poet, prophet, and overall man of many talents. Grierson was born as Benjamin Henry Jesse Francis Shepard in 1848 in England, but grew up in Illinois. He later took his mother’s maiden name when publishing Modern Mysticism in 1899. 

By 1915, the Washington Herald hailed Grierson as the “Strangest Man in the World.” 

“So great, varied and unearthly are Grierson’s gifts that it is difficult to consider him as a human being,” the paper wrote. “If he had lived in ancient times his contemporaries would have made an oracle, prophet or saint out of him.”

His most particular talent was on display at the piano, where he completely improvised without ever learning to read a note of music. Grierson’s abilities led him to travels throughout Europe playing before crowned heads and causing Alexandre Dumas to say, “I predict for you a marvelous future.”

That future included an interest in Spiritualism. Grierson conducted séances across America and Europe, and in the late 1880s built a home in San Diego called Villa Montezuma. It would become a temple to occultism, with many séances being held within. 

This book, Grierson’s last, features messages from beyond the veil from a number of luminaries, all of which, he claimed, were recorded through the “psycho-phone.” Was this a device? His mind? Or simply more of his improvisational talents on display?

The Sight of Hell (originally published in 1874)
By Rev. John Furniss
Release date
: Sept. 15, 2020
ISBN-13: 9780986239397

Children’s books are meant to entertain and educate, usually through positive characters and situations. The Wizard of OzWinnie the PoohGoodnight MoonThe Cat in the Hat, and so on. And then there’s The Sight of Hell, by Rev. John Furniss.

The mid nineteenth-century book is part of a series called “Books for Children, and Young Persons.” And like other books for children, this one indeed entertains and educates. Young readers learned all about the horrors of Hell with rather vivid descriptions. Chapter by chapter, Furniss leads kids on a tour of the middle of the Earth, where Hell resides. Rivers flow with the tears of millions of sufferers. It stinks from the scent of millions of dead bodies. Fire is everywhere, but it offers no light, because fire in Hell is black.

Read more about this strange little book at Weird Historian.

Everything you need to know to talk to the dead!

How to Speak with the Dead: A Practical Handbook
By Sciens

Release date: Oct. 15, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781735320106

“This book is intended, first, as a practical guide for the assistance of those persons who may be desirous of speaking with the dead; and, secondly, as an elementary text-book of occult phenomena. It presupposes for its readers a willingness to be guided by facts and a disregard of opinions based upon imagination instead of upon fact.  … Let us speak to the dead and let us add their knowledge and counsel to the common store.” 

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